What I offer

What I offer

I’d love to help you get what you want to say to your audience more clearly and compellingly through: 

  • copywriting (my bread and butter from 2000-2011) including articles, web content, newsletters and blogs
  • copyediting (from light-touch to heavier copyediting to improve flow, tone and style)
  • reworking copy to fit with house style/audience
  • proof editing.

My areas of expertise are education and the humanities but I am intellectually curious and love learning about new things so please ask. All of my work is audience focused and in plain English.

Having devised and delivered communications and marketing strategies for several government departments, I can also develop communications plans and all supporting content. I am especially experienced in internal communications.

My approach

Your style: If you have a style guide, please provide it with your brief. If you don’t, don’t worry; I will edit in line with UK English common standards and the Guardian style guide. I will write up a style sheet as I work that you can amend to reflect any preferences and use in the future.

Flexibility: I can work very flexibly and will do my best to meet your desired turnaround – please tell me what you need.      

Valuing relationships: The better I know you – your goals, your audience, your style – the better job I can do for you. My preference is therefore to work with you on an ongoing basis – try me and let’s see if it’s a fit. 

Integrity: If I can’t do a great job on a piece of work, I will be honest and let you know. I may be able to recommend someone who is a better fit.  

Online: I work online (Word, pdf, Google docs) but will take on material to be delivered electronically or in print. Tell me your format and I’ll see what I can do.